Drawing by Vince Pernicano,  Boyne Falls, MI

Proud recipients of the

2014 Crooked Tree Arts Center “Arts and Cultural Organization eddi Award”

Pictured (l to r):  Nancy Decker (ticket booth/cashier), Maxine Aten (Barn Goddess), Bill Aten (everything that needs to be done), Julie Hasse (tickets) and Michael Lee Seiler (sound-man)

The Aten Place Crew

     Aten Place has closed their barn doors, which has put an end to their 23 years of offering Summer Concerts in the Barn.

     This has not been an easy, nor impulsive decision, but one that we have contemplated for several months.  The concert series has been a labor of love, but very honestly, the labor has grown to outweigh the love.  Knowing when to pull back is a hard thing to assess, but we also realize that there would never be a perfect time.   You have to make your move when your instincts tell you its time.    We also recognize that it is always better to go out when you are at the top of your game then to wait until unforeseen circumstances force you into the decision.

     We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share our home and barn theater with our Northern Michigan community.  We have met and shared wonderful conversations with our patrons, and have made many new friendships with hundreds of people we would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.   It has been a great run, but to quote one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Jackson Browne, “all good things got to come to an end”.

     Thank you for supporting our venue, and for being supporters of live music. 

Bill and Maxine Aten